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Xunaan Ha - The upstream section

Xunaan Ha

Between August and September 2009, working with Alain P. and Mauro B., I began the resurvey of existing guidelines in the up-stream section of the Xunaan Ha system, originally explored by a French team.

In several places, thanks to our sidemount configuration vs. the traditional (outdated) back mount configuration used by the french team, we had the possibility to continue the exploration of new passages, extending past some ends of-the-line.
We also found access to a completely new and unexplored section and a new cenote named Bat's House. This cenote let us to cut off long swimming time from the main entrance since we were able to enter the cave very close to the new section.

To date, the system measured 40.350 feet / 12.300 meters and was in tenth place in the list of the largest cave system of Quintana Roo.

Xunaan Ha

Entering from the cenote Hol Kin, I immediately found its up-stream and, within the first dive, I connected with the recently explored branch of Xunaan Ha.

In a little more than one month, I could explore 33,174 feet / 10,111 meters of new caves belonging to the Hol Kin section, of which I completed the detailed cartography early 2011.

Xunaan Ha

Continuing the resurvey of the numerous French lines, in November 2009, I explored another very small cenote, which up today remains without a name. I was also able to explore a new branch of the cave heading in the direction of the Templo system. Unfortunately, the passages are too small to allow further exploration.

However, it was possible to close another large and very articulated circuit, across phreatic and decorated, shallow and deep caves, both fresh and salt water, and get back to the top of the main up-stream circuit.

Xunaan Ha

About half way between cenotes Xunaan Ha and Palomita, there is another small sump into a dry cave, which was named Wendy by the landowner.

Luis Leal, a good friend, was the first diver to dive this cenote, and he gave me the honor to continue his exploration. It has been quite tricky finding the connection, based on the two different depths of the two caves.
Wendy develops very shallow, with lot of decoration, while the main "river" flowing from Palomita to Xunaan Ha is in the deeper phreatic layer.