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The Hidden World connection

The Hidden World connection November, 2012: It's been more than three years from the latest explorations carried out in the Dream Gate section (Sac Actun system). On some occasions, I have been to the end of the guideline placed by Chris Stanton during his exploration in 2003, 440 meters away from the entrance, where I had noticed the presence of a fissure on one side of a break down.

I finally had the opportunity to take a better look on the opposite side of the break down; over a narrow slope, I saw ripples on the bottom caused by water movement.
I had to overcome some restrictions, to arrive in a passage, not too high, but rather large and richly decorated. The cave is towards the North-East, where the Hidden World system is.

The Hidden World connectionWithin four dives I explored, with some unsuccessful attempts and other more fortunate, 2378ft/724m of new caves which alternate bedding planes, big passages and restrictions.

The flow was almost constant all along the connection, but at halfway, the cave got smaller, and were many branches leading to small rooms eliminating the possibility to continue. Forcing one of the restrictions, I understood that the connection could be achieved: the cave gradually becomes larger, opening several branches on both sides.
Hidden World system is to the North-East, and it is along this direction that I could find the guide line laid by Bil Phillips in 1994.