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cave diving training Alessandro Reato

Although the Cave Diving is our main activity, it is possible for everyone to start from the basics and learn to dive with our PADI instructors.

Recreational diving is an activity accessible to all those able to swim and with normal watermanship. The atmosphere of a recreational course is definitely more relaxed than a technical course but no less exciting, especially for a novice.

PADI Open Water Diver

This is the first level for beginners who have never used scuba equipment before. Includes 5 theory lessons, 5 confined water training sessions and 4 open water training dives (all of them with boat transfer). It takes four to five days depending on the number of participants and different learning abilities.


  • 12 years old
  • Student must be able to swim

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

This second level is developed to increase the confidence of the Open Water Diver in different diving situations; it consists of 5 open water dives in five different specialty areas, in which two of them are mandatory (deep dive and navigation dive) plus three more to choose from based upon the student's interest. All the dives are from a boat, and the course takes 3 days.


  • 15 years old
  • Student must be qualified Open Water Diver or equivalent

PADI Nitrox Diver

This is the most popular specialty for divers. Diving with enriched air gives more no decompression time, especially on repetitive dives, with shorter surface interval time. If it is not used to extend the diving time, Nitrox offers an increased safety margin using air tables because it reduces the nitrogen absorption.
The course takes 2 days, with theory lesson, confined water session and 2 dives.


  • 15 years old
  • Student must be qualified Open Water Diver or equivalent