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Xunaan Ha - The downstream section

Xunaan Ha

Between November 2008 and April 2009, Alain Pocobelli and Hans Kaspersetz resurveyed the existing lines in the downstream section of Xunaan Ha system, originally explored by a french team. They also explored some virgin passages.
Their data was added to the data collected by Bil Phillips, and the total cave lenght was 6873 feet / 2095 meters.

In May 2009, with Mauro B., I began the resurvey of the cenote Chan Chemuyil Sur, originally explored by a french team. During the resurvey we explored 3605 feet / 1099 meters of new caves, one of which terminates in a dry cave, probably connected with the system Tixik K'una.

Xunaan Ha

The proximity of the two caves was giving us hope for a possible connection. In July 2009, after a careful study of the possible opening points, Mauro B. explored the end-of-line, which reduced the gap between the two caves.

Entering from Chan Chemuyil Sur, and following the flow of outgoing fresh water, I could distinguish the opening of a vertical chimney which permited me to connect this cave to the larger system Xunaan Ha.

The connection passage runs exactly under the dry cave Tixik K'una and perpendicularly to it; this is a rare situation, as the dry cave area coincides with the Pleistocene ridge, a stripe of very compact material which runs almost parallel to the actual shoreline.

Xunaan Ha

In August 2009, just few hours later, Mauro B. and I found the connection into two separate passageways, between cenote Chan Chemuyil Sur and a small cenote right on the side of the Federal Road 307.

Xunaan Ha

In February 2010, while checking a depth and direction anomaly, down-stream from cenote Xunaan Ha, I discovered a new passage with a couple of restrictions, over which I found another cenote. This has been explored by Marike Jasper in 2003 and named cenote Boy; she surveyed the cave but she didn't report the site's coordinates to Quintana Roo Speleological Survey.

Starting from the Marike's line, I explored an under-level cave which surfaced in a dry cave which stays along the main direction of the dry cave system Tixik K'una.

Unfortunately was not possible to connect the cave starting from the cenote Chan Chemuyil Norte. The cave, at the end, divides in many very small and unstable branches. The water surely flows to Chan Chemuyil Sur but there is not enough room for a diver to fit into the passage.