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Sistema Lion - Lion sumps

With the intention to see the "other side" of the Mul Tun border, starting august 2015, I made some dives in the cenote Lion.
There are two sumps in the dry cave, the eastern one which is connected to the Koox Baal cave system, and the western one, an underwater lake, connected to the Lion system.

cenote lion cave diving

Within few dives, in november 2015, I connected the two cave system via an underwater passage, running north of the dry cave. With this connection 755m/2480feet of underwater passages have been added to the Koox Baal cave system.
I also extended some of the passages heading south, previously explored by cave cartographer and friend Bil Phillips, but the distance between the two caves is still 150m/490feet.

cenote lion cave diving

East from the Mul Tun area there is another system, explored in 2014 by Czech divers, named Wa Baax Yan. I went to resurvey the lines heading to the West, but I immediately realize that I was in a downstream passage.
Looking for where the water is coming from, I was able to find out the upstream passage, and within 3 dives, in March 2016, I found the swimmable connection to the Koox Baal cave system.

At this point became evident that the upstream section of Mul Tun coincides with the downstream section of Wa Baax Yan. To find the connection was not easy, as the two caves have a difference in depths, and the breakthrough in connecting Mul Tun to Koox Baal came after few attempts, in April 2016.

cenote lion cave diving

Carrying on the exploration I found another downstream passage starting from the Wa Baax Yan connector, and unusually heading North-East.
In the same direction another cave system exists: Tres Cruces, originally explored by a french team and continued by Bil Phillips.
Within few dives I could find the right passage, over a couple of major restriction, to meet the Bil's line.

With this last connection Koox Baal cave system includes 83.129m/272.732ft of underwater surveyed cave passages.