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Ka-Lag Dzonot

I started exploring Ka-Lag Dzonot in February 2013; Robbie Schmittner informed me about the existence of a small well North-West of Chemuyil. Previously explored for a couple of hundred meters and then abandoned.

cenote ka-lag cave diving

Entrance is not easy: a 9 meters vertical pit give the access to a huge cavern with an underground lake.

Within fifteen dives I could find three main passages going in different directions: one upstream heading North-North-West and two downstream sections, one towards West and one towards East, this last one with a very weak flow.
The main downstream runs in the direction of a branch of Koox Baal cave system, but still quite far.

Due to misunderstanding with the land owner I was forced to stop the exploration.
In August 2013, the cave measured 4.085 meters/13.402 ft.
For long time I have not tried to find out the connection with Koox Baal cave system due to the cartographic project being conducted in this last cave system by a team of Czech divers.

Kalag Dzonot connection with Chun Che Chen

In May 2016, I decided to have a look on the side of Koox Baal cave system.
Entering from the cenote named Chun Che Chen I swam along the lines installed by the Czech team over 4 years before. I resurveyed part of those to have a georeference on where to look for, then passing a restriction at the end of one of those line, I found another big cave running exactly in the direction of the south-western branch of Ka-Lag Dzonot cave.
Within 2 dive I could find the connection onto my lines laid over 3 years before.

With this last connection 4.643 m / 15.233 feet of underwater cave passages, have been added to the Koox Baal cave system.

Kalag Dzonot connection with Cangrejo

Finally in May 2019 I obtained again the autorization to enter again from the cenote Kalag Dzonot. I was waiting for a good chance to start a new cartographic project, and this is the perfect place.

I was told by one of the explorers of the Czech team that, exploring the Cangrejo cave system on the North, they had come very close to the Kalag Dzonot section, but I didn't know exactly where.

In the northern area the exploration had been interrupted abruptly, but I remembered well that the cave continued; after some dives dedicated to cartography, on July 2nd, 2019, I decided to go and take a look at my end of line where, actually, I expected to find a cenote due to the organic sediment on the bottom.

I wasn't very surprised when, after a few tens of meters of exploration, I found the line of the Cangrejo system. This last connection brought the Ko'ox Baal cave system to exceed 99 kilometers of underwater cave passages.